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My name is Alex,

but you won't give a shit.

As if that were an accurate representation of how you actually feel.

I have horrible days where I cannot function due to my fears.

  • people killing me in my sleep
  • walking home in the dark
  • people hiding under/in my car
  • eating
  • making friends
  • confronting people
  • getting dressed
  • showering
  • people hiding in my air vents/room
  • being alone
  • being lied to
  • no one caring about me
  • being made fun of
  • how sidewalks are made
  • why humans exist
  • why i have to fit into a group
  • why i have to look a certain way and act a certain way for certain people
  • going to the gym
  • being stupid
  • being ugly



all I want is to live outside.

I dont want language, I dont want emotions, I dont want a concept of death, intelligence, beauty, critisism, failing, succeding... etc

these things make me afraid to live. I wish I could just die.

Dec. 27th, 2008

everything i do and think is wrong.

I am

the poster child for lies.

I am jacks complete lack of surprise
I am jacks raging bile duct
I am jacks wasted life
I am jacks inflamed sense of rejection
I am jacks cold sweat
I am jacks broken heart
I am jacks smirking revenge

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